Thursday, May 01, 2008

AT&T Gives iPhone Users Free Wi-Fi

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AT&T is reportedly offering free wireless access to iPhone owners at several thousands of its public hot spots, including those recently acquired at Starbucks.

Initially reported on several Apple iPhone users responded with their experiences at Starbucks. According to the reports, iPhone owners are presented with a specially formatted page when they launch the Safari browser. The form asks them to enter their iPhone phone number. Once the number is verified, users can browse using the hot spot rather than the much slower EDGE-based data network that AT&T also operates.

Computerworld confirmed the free iPhone Wi-Fi at a Starbucks location in Eugene, Ore., this morning.

Details about the wireless access are sketchy as so far AT&T has refused to comment. It is unknown, for example, if Wi-Fi access is unlimited, or available at all the 71,000-some hot spots run by AT&T, which include those at bookseller Barnes & Noble and throughout the McDonald's fast food chain.

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