Thursday, May 29, 2008

MySpace Message Center To Use Google Gears

MySpace announced they are offering new functionality in their MySpace Message Center by adding in the use of Google Gears.

MySpace has been lacking the ability for users to actually search their MySpace messages. To go through mail, users have to page through all of their messages until their find the right one. Now when users download and install Gears, they'll be able to quickly search their in-boxes for specific terms or sort messages.

Google's Gears project is an open-source plug-in, which endows browsers with a number of useful features to make them a better foundation for running elaborate software. Gears hasn't caught on widely, but MySpace gives the project more clout. And Google thinks some of Gears' success is actually measured in its influence over the new HTML 5 standard for describing Web pages.

More on Gears:

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