Thursday, May 15, 2008

Underage Xbox Fan Has The Time Of His Life

I read this earlier today and thought it was just too funny to not repost it! Big thimbs up to for catching this one!

Underage Xbox fan blows $30,000 on Halo, hookers and Oreos

One young (and now convicted) Xbox fan had the time of his life in Texas last week, leaving a trail of US$30,000 in games, consoles, Oreos and high-price hookers in his wake.

A 13-year-old from Texas who stole his father's credit card and used it to order two $1,000 hookers has been convicted of fraud and was given a three-year community service order and probation.

Ralph Hardy, a 13-year-old from Newark, Texas, confessed and was convicted of using the stolen card to take his friends on a $30,000 spending spree. When police finally caught up the enterprising teen, he and his friends were playing Halo (which one was unspecified) on an Xbox with the two hookers in a Texas motel.

Police were alerted to the motel by a delivery clerk, who had become concerned after delivering a stash of Dr. Pepper, Fritos and Oreos to the kids. When they asked where they could "score some chicks and were willing to pay," the clerk called police.

Police also recovered $3,000 in cash, a slew of electronic gadgets, an Xbox video console (with games), and the two local escort girls.

Sorry Niko, but you ain't got nothin' on these Texas party animals.

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