Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uno Electric UniCycle

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, a Canadian teen-scientist comes up with the "Uno" an electric side-by-side two wheeled unicycle.

The motorized unicycle which actually features two wheels side-by-side, uses gyroscope technology and a control systems that both keeps the rider balanced over the tires and manages the suspension. When the rider leans into a turn, the inside wheel lifts and the outside wheel lowers, so both stay firmly on the ground. The bike was originally based off of the frame design of a Yamaha R1 sport bike and is powered by amped-up wheelchair motors and 36-volt batteries that can push the Uno to speeds of up to 40 MPH.

The Uno's inventor Ben J. Poss Gulak says that the bike beats out the Segway in terms of speed, and delivers better maneuverability than Bombardier's Embrio unicycle concept.

For more on the Uno checkout their site at For more pictures checkout

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