Friday, May 16, 2008

Fake Grand Theft Auto IV Torrents Contain Viruses

According to DriveSentry hundreds of users have been infected when trying to download Grand Theft Auto IV via P2P.

Hackers having been planting Trojans and other viruses in bogus game files, masking them as torrents that contain the files for GTA 4. The torrents are then being downloaded from P2P networks by those trying to illegally experience the game without purchasing it.

John Safa, chief technical officer of DriveSentry, said: "People are exploiting the popularity of GTA IV in a way which could bring mayhem to the internet."

Former hacker Safa highlighted that within two minutes of logging on to P2P network Limewire he found evidence of Trojan viruses disguised at GTA IV files.

We all know the huge risk involved in using P2P, and Geek-News.Net does not condone the action of illegally downloading files. But a few words of caution here:

Tread very carefully around these files, if you are going to download them do so from a good source. If you are hit with a link to a site that says it has a download chances are its a fake. Always check the main sites first. Invest in a good anti-virus Avast and AVG are great products that are free. Make sure you have the latest updates, viruses definitions are updated constantly and it does little to no good to use an outdated AV program.

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