Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Craigslist Sues eBay

In a reversal of fortune Craigslist has filed a lawsuit against eBay. The suit accuses eBay of unlawful and unfair competition and copyright infringement, among other things.

Just last month Geek-News.Net reported that eBay was suing Craigslist for implementing new policies that eBay said unfairly diluted its economic interest in Craigslist by more than 10 percent.

Earlier this month eBay posted the court documents outlining exactly why it filed suit against Craigslist. So in turn Craigslist made the documents relating to the countersuit publically available. The 26-page document portrays a completely different picture on how eBay acquired its minority stake in Craigslist. They also allege eBay used its Craigslist board position to harm Craigslist while simultaneously using information gleaned from Craigslist to help their very similar classified ad services called

Craigslist is seeking permanent injunctive relief against eBay, its officers, agents, representatives, employees, attorneys, and successors. It further seeks an injunction against eBay using the Craigslist mark or name in advertising alleging eBay infringed Craigslist's trademark by placing ads for Kijiji on Google using Craigslist's name and that eBay interfered in its business, conducted phishing attacks and broke its duty to shareholders.

Craigslist is asking the court to return eBay’s shares to Craigslist and that the court order eBay to divest interests in Craigslist. Craigslist is also seeking a court order for eBay to pay general, special, actual and statutory damages for Craigslist damages and eBay’s profits and other damages the court deems just.

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