Wednesday, May 06, 2009

AMD Releases Windows 7 WHQL Certified Drivers

AMD Releases WHQL Certified Graphics Driver For Windows 7 on Day One of Windows 7 Logo Program

—WHQL certification delivers the stamp of approval to AMD graphics drivers, ensuring that the combination of ATI Radeon graphics cards and drivers delivers an incredibly stable, high-performance Windows 7 experience—

Underlining the company's leadership in developing hardware and drivers to support the Windows 7 operating system, AMD today announced that its Windows 7 driver has received Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) certification on the first day of the certifying program.
  • WHQL certification sets a high bar for quality and reliability, and is considered essential by many home and business users.
  • WHQL certification demonstrates AMD’s ability to deliver the stability, incredible 3D game performance and smooth multimedia playback needed in order to help bring the new features of Windows 7 to life.
  • As a testament to its ongoing commitment to reliability and stability, AMD is the only graphics hardware company in the world delivering monthly WHQL-certified graphics driver updates.

For users of ATI Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, and HD 4000 series products, the ATI Catalyst™ software suite delivers:

  • Industry-leading driver stability and reliability.
  • Full WDDM 1.1 WHQL certified support under Windows 7.
  • Scheduled performance and new feature innovation every month.
  • Enablement of ATI Stream technology for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing on supported graphics cards.

“By delivering a WHQL certified driver for the Windows 7 operating system at the earliest possible opportunity, AMD has once again demonstrated its driver leadership,” said Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president, Software Engineering, AMD. “AMD is working closely with Microsoft to ensure superior performance and a reliable Windows 7 experience throughout our line of graphics processors.”

Microsoft WHQL certified graphics drivers for Windows 7 are scheduled for release on on May 5, 2009, and a fully unified WHQL-certified driver supporting Windows Vista and Windows 7 is planned for the release of ATI Catalyst 9.5 later in May.

To learn more about the first AMD WHQL certified graphics driver for Windows 7, please visit

About the Windows 7 Hardware Logo Program


The Windows 7 Logo Program is designed to help your company deliver compatible and reliable systems, software, and hardware products. End users trust the logo as an assurance of compatibility and reliability. This program is intended to help you develop systems and devices that have been tested to ensure that they meet Microsoft standards for Windows 7 as well as the quality level that ensures a good Windows experience for end users. After your system or device passes Microsoft-designed tests, your company will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Customer confidence that the systems and devices they choose have passed Microsoft-designed tests for reliability and compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Support for your systems and devices through Windows Error Reporting, and reduced support costs through the ability to update error messages and post updated drivers on Windows Update (WU).
  • A variety of marketing benefits, including public relations support, preferential treatment on Windows 7 Compatibility Center, and Microsoft's promotion of the Windows Logo Program.

Compatible with Windows 7 Logo

The Windows 7 Logo Program is a unique opportunity for your company to help customers identify devices that are designed and tested to be compatible with Windows 7. As a participant in the Windows 7 Logo Program, your company can use logo artwork, messaging guidelines, and marketing campaign assets in association with devices that have met the logo program requirements. Using these assets helps you to extend your marketing by taking advantage of Microsoft's continued investment in promoting "Compatible with Windows 7" devices to consumers, businesses, and retail channel partners.

windows 7 logo

Participation in the Windows 7 Logo Program will also help you to:

  • Ensure that your device is tested for reliability and compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Take advantage of logo program creative guidelines, artwork, messaging, and customizable templates.
  • Qualify for the logo through a simplified self-test process.
  • Take advantage of Windows brand recognition.
  • Reduce support calls and maximize returns by passing Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability.
  • Support devices in the market through Windows Update.
  • Receive quality rating information on crashes and problems that customers are encountering, through Windows Error Reporting.
  • Receive preferred listing on Windows 7 Compatibility Center.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft's e-tail syndication, reaching over 30 sites in the US and Europe and delivering over 3.7 million logo impressions per month.
  • Be eligible to participate in public relations opportunities with Microsoft.

Additional Qualifications

In addition to qualifying for the Windows 7 logo, systems and devices that deliver enhanced user experiences through select new technologies in Windows 7 can earn optional additional qualifications (AQs). Systems and devices that qualify for the Windows 7 logo may also qualify for the following AQs:

  • Device Stage. A simple way to interact with your phone, camera, printer, or portable media player from the Windows desktop.
  • Windows Media Center. Available for television tuners, graphics adapters, personal computers (PCs), remote controls, and Media Center Extenders that turns your PC into a powerful DVR and let you take your television shows with you.
  • Windows Touch. Available for display monitors and PCs that support multiple touch points for more intuitive and natural interaction.
  • Windows HD Imaging. Available for printers and cameras that provide the best end-to-end digital imaging experience with Windows, preserving the full color fidelity of high definition photos through image capture, editing, and printing.

When a system or device qualifies for an AQ, you can:

  • Take advantage of partner marketing guides that have marketing assets and messaging that align with key Windows scenarios and technologies.
  • Showcase a specific user scenario or experience.
  • Increase customer confidence and purchase intent associated with additional qualifications.
  • Enable customers to easily find specific devices and solutions that leverage specific technologies and enjoy a richer integration with Windows 7.
  • Reach millions of users per month through a network of touch points including, e-tail syndication, and Windows 7 Compatibility Center.
  • Be promoted through additional highlights for key technologies and hardware products.
  • To start participating in the Windows 7 Logo Program, register for the Windows Ecosystem Readiness Program and download the Windows Logo Kit (WLK).

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