Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walmart Is Not Getting Into The Used Game Arena

Following several reports of sightings of e-Play game trade kiosks at several Walmart locations the speculation machine revved up and began running with the story that Walmart may be getting into the used game business. According to Alan Rudy, the CEO of e-Play that is not the case.

Rudy tell Ars Technica "Walmart is [only] providing vestibule space to e-Play at 77 of its Northeast region stores. Some stores have Video Game Buy Back only kiosks and some kiosks are full-functioning, but e-Play manages all aspects of kiosk operations for both types. While we have over 200 other retail locations, this is currently a pilot program with Walmart, but we are optimistic of its success and future expansion."

So it would seem that at least for now Walmart has no plans of directly being involved in the used gaming arena.

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