Monday, August 03, 2009

Google Makes Finding Images Easier With New Search Options

Last week Google announced a new set of features that will make finding images located around the web a whole lot easier. Google images will now feature search options which will offer quick access to existing tools, including search by color and image type.

google images

Color search will find images that are only in color or only in black and white, or even images that contain a specific color, such as red, pink, or green. Type search is a great way to narrow down your results if you are looking for a specific kind of image, such as a photo, clip art, line drawing or face.

Google has also added a a few new options to the size search. In addition to choosing from commonly searched-for sizes, now you can search for an exact image size or any image larger than a certain size. You can find images of practically any size, including 70 megapixels or more.

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