Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NVIDIA CEO Predicts A Staggering 570x GPU Performance Increase By 2015

nvidia logoNVIDIA CorporationDuring his keynote for the 21st annual Hot Chips conference NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made a staggering prediction that GPU performance will outpace CPU performance by a factor of 200 over the next six years. Huang predicted that GPU computation performance is likely to increase its current capabilities by 570x, while 'pure' CPU performance will progress by a limited 3x.

The Hot Chips conference, which is being held at Stanford’s Memorial Auditorium, brings together both academic and industry leaders for a three-day event focused on the latest technology trends in the computer chip business.

Huang's statements might seem fairly outlandish, however when you look purely at performance numbers of GPU's made 5-6 years ago and compare those numbers to the high end cards we see today the numbers are staggering. I'll admit they are no where near the 570'x factor he is predicting but they are staggering none the less.

Huang also predicts the advancement would open the door to advanced forms of augmented reality and the development of real-time universal language translation devices. During his speech he also discussed a number of "real-world" GPU applications, including energy exploration, interactive ray tracing and CGI simulations.

For more on Huang's speech checkout the NVIDIA nTersect blog

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