Monday, August 03, 2009

Internet Freedom Preservation Act

A new bill introduced by Representative Edward Markey, (D-Mass.) and co authored by Anna Eshoo, (D-Calif.) seeks to prohibit broadband providers from blocking or impairing Web content.

The new Net neutrality bill HR 3458, or as it is aptly named the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009, looks to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to establish a national broadband policy, safeguard consumer rights, spur investment and innovation, and for related purposes.

In short the new legislation is geared towards protecting Network Neutrality under the Communications Act, safeguarding the future of the open Internet and protecting Internet users from discrimination online. The bill would prohibit broadband providers from gouging Internet content, service or application providers to enable their products, by limiting the fees to that of the normal end-user. HR 3458 would prohibit broadband providers from selling service that prioritizes some Internet traffic over other content, and it would require providers to offer Internet service to "any person upon reasonable request."

A network neutrality policy based upon the principle of nondiscrimination and consistent with the history of the Internet’s development is essential to ensure that Internet services remain open to all consumers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and providers of lawful content, services, and applications

Media activists and pundits of net neutrality cheered the introduction of the bill. Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press, made the following statement:

"The future of the Internet as we know it depends on maintaining freedom and openness online. This crucial legislation will help to ensure that the public -- not big phone and cable companies -- controls the fate of the Internet. The rules that govern the Internet must protect economic innovation, democratic participation and free speech online. If we don’t make Net Neutrality the law once and for all, we could see the innovation and promise of the Internet derailed forever."

"All Americans deserve access to a free and open Internet, and millions have already called on our lawmakers to take action. This legislation gives the grassroots confidence that their voices are being heard, and we applaud Representatives Markey and Eshoo for taking a stand for Net Neutrality. This bill will serve as a great complement to the dedicated work of Subcommittee Chairman Rick Boucher to make Network Neutrality the law of the land."

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  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    This bill is bad news for internet users as it would allow Telco lobbyists to determine what is and isn't "lawful" content...


    This is NOT net neutrality!@#

    yet, all I see in the news is appraisal for this bill...


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