Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pirated Copies Of Windows 7 On-Sale In China

According to recent IDG News Service reports pirated copies of Windows 7 have begun surfacing at China's electronics bazaars. The copies have hit bazaars in Beijing and have been reported as being sold for 40 yuan or $5.86US.

At this time both legal and cracked copies of Windows 7 have surfaced online. Microsoft Developer Network subscribers received links for the download of the RTM (release to manufacturing) version last week. A a cracked version of Windows 7 has begun hitting torrent sites over the last few weeks. Its unclear if the cracked version is one of the RTM copies or a cracked version of one of the release candidates.

Its likely that the pirated copies contain data from the image file of the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM that was stolen from Lenovo. The image file and a manufacturer product key had been stolen and placed on a Chinese hacker forum last month. Microsoft however acted quickly to blacklist the OEM master key

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