Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MSI's MOA Global Overclocking Final Competition to be Held in Beijing

World renown mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, MSI, has been solidifying a solid reputation in the overclocking market for years. The company is also the host of the Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) Global Overclocking Event, which gathers the world's best overclockers together in one fierce competition. Expanding upon 2008's overclocking enthusiasm, this year’s MOA 2009 featured three months of regional competitions designed to filter out the best of the best. In the end, 20 teams representing the best overclocking talent from around the world will meet in the Olympic capital, Beijing, on August 29, in the head-to-head Olympics of overclocking.

This year, MSI's MOA 2009 event is even bigger than before, and selected a truly international crowd of participants from over 64 countries! Since May, MSI has been holding both online and local area selections, and, after three months of grueling matches, 20 teams representing 17 countries have been selected – including the Beijing overclocking champs. The participants this year have shown stratospheric levels of talent, with such pros as Poland's Ryba and Chaos who broke the 3DMark 03 world record during the European selection match. Taiwan's Nick and Kevin made a name for themselves when they broke the 3DMark 06 world record at software giant Futuremark's LOC online overclocking competition. Another person the multi-national overclocking championship could not do without, Taiwan's own Coolaler (Fang Bin Luo), who himself holds many world records and attended last year's MOA as a model gamer, will be representing the overclocking site, Coolaler, to cover all the action of the overclocking challenge. Indonesia's Ekky will be back to defend his crown as the MOA Champion. From the United States, Charles is an experienced overclocking competition participant, while Brazil's Ronaldo is the number one overclocker in all of Brazil. When China's online selection is over, the results will be announced on August 27 and two teams will be selected to take part in the August 29 event. Without a doubt, MOA 2009's level of competitiveness is comparable to the Olympics - excellence is expected.

During the MOA 2009, participants will use the MSI Eclipse SLI mainboard and the MSI N275GTX graphics card to test the limits of the Intel Core i7 platform. MSI is fully confident that the equipment will perform outstandingly in both overclocking capabilities and range of combinations. The event will not only let the overclocking experts tryout MSI's mainboard and graphics card performance, but will help them in their quest to reach new overclocking heights! For all those with an interest in overclocking, August 29 will be date that is not to be missed.
For more information about MSI's MOA 2009, please see below: http://www.oc-arena.com/

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