Friday, August 14, 2009

Xiotech Debuts 'Cash for Disk Clunkers' Storage Stimulus Program

Xiotech to Pay Customers $1,000 Per Terabyte to Replace Outdated, Inefficient Disks

In a nod to the federal economic stimulus program "Cash for Clunkers," Xiotech Corporation is doing its part to stimulate the data storage economy via its "Cash for Disk Clunkers" program. With no complicated formulas or lengthy approvals required, this new program provides immediate savings for organizations looking to upgrade to the latest in storage technology.

This new program allows organizations to trade in old, inefficient disk drives and receive $1,000 per terabyte toward the purchase of an equal amount of capacity on a new Emprise(TM) 7000, Emprise 7000 Edge or Emprise 5000, or VM Storage Solution. There is no limit to the amount of capacity organizations can trade in, and consequently no limit to the money they can save on their new storage systems. Organizations must act fast, though, because the program ends on September 30, 2009.

For more information on the "Cash for Disk Clunkers" program, please visit Xiotech's Web site.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the best storage systems for their needs, at the lowest total cost of ownership and best value possible," said Xiotech Vice President of Marketing Mike Hoch. "This program offers an unprecedented, no-strings-attached opportunity to take advantage of our patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE(TM)) technology, which has emerged as a proven and advantageous alternative to traditional disk arrays."

All of the Xiotech storage systems included in this program are built on ISE technology, which features a self-healing, high-performance architecture, 100 percent usable capacity and the industry's only five-year hardware warranty. These systems include:

  • Emprise 7000: Supports up to 64 ISE (1,024 terabytes) and is managed by dual controllers. It includes Web Services-based storage management via ICON Manager, a distributed cluster architecture, Intelligent Provisioning and a suite of data replication solutions.
  • Emprise 7000 Edge: Supports up to 10 ISE (160 terabytes) and can be easily upgraded as needs evolve to the Emprise 7000 system. It also includes Web Services-based management via ICON Manager, Intelligent Provisioning and a suite of data replication solutions.
  • Emprise 5000: A self-enclosed, virtual storage system that can be attached to servers either directly or via a switch. Four storage tiers are available, with a maximum capacity of 16 terabytes. Performance scales linearly, so that two systems roughly double the performance of one.
  • VM Storage Solution: Supports up to 64 ISE (1,024 terabytes), is managed by dual controllers and offers high-speed integration and automation with virtual machine environments. The customized virtual storage solution provides management of storage for virtual machines in one pane of glass, and automates virtual machine tasks with intuitive wizards.

Source: Xiotech Press Release

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