Saturday, March 06, 2010

Nvidia Blames GPU Re-Branding On OEMs

According to several reports Nvidia is blaming their rounds of GPU re-branding on OEMs stating that OEMs want new GPU naming schemes in order to make their spec sheets look fresh and cutting edge. The company also said that re-branding is something it does at the request of large PC OEMs, but did not name specific brands.

Nvidia also said that despite how much consumers complain about its re-branding exercises and how confusing it makes buying a new graphics card, most re-brands are OEM-only products and will "never be seen within the retail space."

I for one hate it when Nvidia and Ati do this crap, not only with re-brands but with their "adjusted" naming schemes. Sure they wan't the product lines to look fresh and hot but come-on give us some naming schemes that make sense. A newly released low end 4xx series card shouldn't be half as powerful as a top end older 3xx series card.

Sure consumers should try to educate themselves before making purchases but the companies shouldn't make it so confusing that you have to spend an hour trying to figure out which card is the best bang for your hard earned dollar

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