Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ReCellular Launches New Cell Phone Trade-in Program

Mobile phone recyclers ReCellular has launched what they are calling a comprehensive easy to use trade-in program for both consumers and phone retailers.

Consumers can visit and follow a few basic instructions provided. Once they have found their phone and trade-in value they then Fed-Ex their phones, via free shipping, off to ReCellular who promises guaranteed data protection.

Once they have the phone they then match it to your information and verify that it works, yes to get cash for your phones they must be in working order, they'll then mail you a check.

The company guarantee's a 0% waste policy which they says means that they will never contribute to any landfill.

ReCellular has built a network of nearly 1,100 collection partners, representing nearly 40,000 collection sites across the nation which collects nearly 5million phones per year. These partners include:
  • Wireless carriers such as AT&T Mobility and Sprint, and retailers such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, partner with ReCellular to facilitate recycling programs for their customers.
  • Individual businesses partner with ReCellular to dispose of their corporate communications equipment.
  • Grassroots and charitable organizations such as Cell Phones for Soldiers partner with ReCellular to operate donate-a-phone fund-raising programs.

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