Monday, March 01, 2010

Skooba Launches New Products for Tech Organization and Protection

Skooba Design has added a new cable/accessory organizer, as well as a new collection of multi-use protective wraps, to its ever-expanding line of tech-travel carrying cases and accessories. The new Cable Stable DLX and SkoobaWraps are the first few items to be introduced in what the company says will be the most significant year of new product introductions in its 10-year history.

The Cable Stable DLX is a completely redesigned edition of a unique accessory storage concept that the company first developed and introduced in 2000. The case, which looks and opens like a book, features a grid of elastic hold-downs in different sizes and orientations. The elastic strips “float” freely under reinforced retention strips, so they can easily stretch and contract to accommodate a nearly limitless assortment of portable gadgets, cords, adapters, and other accessories. According to Skooba spokesperson Lorri Diggory, “It’s not at all unusual to travel with a laptop, phone, music/media device, digital camera or compact video camera, and more. That means bringing along at least a half-dozen cords, adapters, media cards, extra batteries, and other ‘support gear.’ The Cable Stable offers a versatile and efficient alternative to a snake pit in the bottom of a laptop bag, or items stuffed haphazardly into random pockets or pouches.” Diggory says that the demand for this compact and protective organizer has greatly increased with airline baggage constraints, as a traveler can now easily and safely store all of these accessories in one carrier and pack it neatly in a suitcase. The company says that the original Cable Stable was one of its best-selling products for years, and it developed the new DLX version with new styling and features, designed to efficiently organize the things that road warriors and other techies carry today.

With the storage grid, pockets on the opposite side, elastic loops for batteries, pens and thumb drives, and an exterior document/CD pocket, the Cable Stable DLX offers approximately 18 different storage spaces in a 12 ounce case the size of a traditional day planner. According to the company, customers have come up with many creative high- and low-tech uses for the Cable Stable, including using it as a netbook case, cosmetic/toiletry kit, and even a storage case for kids’ travel distractions. “It’s really a versatile, sensible, all-around organizer,” says Diggory.

Also keying off a very popular Skooba product design, the new SkoobaWraps are simple, “portable padding” that can be wrapped and self-secured around virtually any suitable object, from a compact camera in the small wrap, to a compact laptop in the large one. Much like the Cable Stable, the Wraps are an ideal way to cope with the challenges of air travel. They can be used to instantly protect and pack just about anything, from handheld video games to netbooks, iPads and e-readers, to travel souvenirs. SkoobaWraps pack flat when not in use, and add negligible weight when traveling. As Skooba puts it, “Roll them, fold them, make protective origami—it’s like always having a supply of bubble wrap with you, only thinner, easier to use, more durable, and a heck of a lot better looking.”

The new Cable Stable DLX is available now at a suggested retail price of $39.95. SkoobaWraps, also shipping now, come in 3 sizes with suggested retails from $12.95 - $17.95. Full specs and dealer/ordering information at

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