Wednesday, March 31, 2010

YouTube Gets A Redesign, We Hate It!

As of 7pm PST today YouTube will begin rolling out it's newly revamped, more streamlined YouTube homepage to the masses. User wanting to get a peek at the new design can do so by visiting this YouTube page. Users who then agree with us and dislike the new changes and want the old design back can then opt back out by visiting this page here.

Only about 10 percent of YouTube's users can see the new format now; it will be officially rolled out to everyone by 7pm Pacific time on Wednesday for everyone else.

YouTube's old design

YouTube's new design

For more details on the new page changes you can checkout the Official YouTube Blog announcement

1 comment:

  1. The new design scares the sh*t outta me! It amazes me that the web designers for a billion dollar company could only muster this turd of a product after eight months (!) of supposed testing in beta.

    That's a level of incompetence that's without precedent.

    Google: If you're gonna aim low, aim down all the way. Let's not half-ass things. Let's completely ruin them.


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