Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opera Mini Submitted to Apple's App Store Will It Get In?

As of today Opera has officially submitted their Opera Mini for iPhone application for inclusion into the Apple App Store now the question is will the popular mobile browser be accepted or denied by the iron fist of Apple?

We are all very aware that Apple likes to keep a strangle hold over the app's it accepts and denies and they often remove, or simply reject, any applications that might compete against their own software. So the question is will they step up and allow users to use Opera Mini over their own Safari Browser?

According to Opera the Opera Mini for iPhone browser is fast, really fast, powering through Web pages up to six times faster than Safari. They give credit for the speeds due to server-side rendering, Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90 percent before sending it to the phone, resulting in rapid page loading and more Web per MB for the end user. This allows Opera mini to deliver more information MB/MB than Safari meaning it would substantially drop a users data usage.

I for one hope it gets in not because I'm an Opera fan, in fact I'm not even an iPhone/iPad user. But I hate to see good hard work kept out because someone is afraid of a little competition. 

Check out Opera's iPhone count-up counter on My Opera community site and enter the contest to win an iPhone.

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