Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samsung Launches March to a Million Cell Phone Recycling Program

SAMSUNG Mobile Reaches More Than 7 Million U.S. Students With Nationwide Mobile Phone Recycling Program

Samsung Telecommunications America is kicking off a nationwide in-school education and recycling program as part of its March to a Million pledge to collect one million mobile phones for recycling in 2010. Reaching an estimated seven million middle and high school students in approximately 9,500 schools across the U.S., the eco-focused program will educate teens about the importance and ease of mobile phone recycling.

“Samsung Mobile has numerous eco-friendly initiatives in place, including our Mobile Take-Back program and last year’s launch of the Samsung Reclaim, the first phone in the U.S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials,” said Paul Golden, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Mobile. “The March to a Million program is taking our green initiatives one step further to educate consumers on the importance and ease of recycling mobile phones. The goal of the in-school program is to reach an influential demographic and one that we think will help us spread the word throughout their communities.”

Students will learn about the importance of mobile phone recycling and the impact that it can have, both environmentally and socially, and participate in activities that will allow them to educate their peers, parents and local communities. Each participating school has the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes to win either a VIP concert from the pop/rock band, Hey Monday, or one of fifty $1,000 “Green Grants” to put towards making their school more environmentally friendly. The winner of the VIP concert will be announced in June.

In addition, Samsung Mobile unveiled the official March to a Million logo. To meet the goal of collecting one million phones for recycling in 2010, Samsung Mobile is creating eco-friendly educational programs, supporting wireless carrier’s mobile recycling programs and utilizing existing Samsung Mobile event sponsorships to collect and recycle mobile phones.

Samsung Mobile’s cell phone recycling efforts speak directly to their longstanding partnership with the EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling program. With only 10 percent of cell phones recycled annually, Samsung Mobile urges Americans across the country to recycle their cell phone during this year’s Plug-In To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week the week of April 5 through April 11, 2010.

Samsung Mobile’s March to a Million program supports Samsung’s Eco-Management 2013 Plan announced in July 2009. The plan details a comprehensive set of sustainability goals to be achieved by Samsung in 2013, which include the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing and product, the development of eco-friendly product, financial investment in eco-management initiatives and enhanced green partnerships with suppliers and partners.

For more information about Samsung Mobile’s In-School Recycling program4 or Samsung Mobile’s March to a Million initiatives, please visit www.samsungmobileusa.com/marchtoamillion or www.facebook.com/samsungmobile. To find out more information about Samsung’s Eco-Management 2013, please visit www.samsung.com.

Source: Samsung

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