Friday, April 03, 2009

EA Gives Gamers A SecuROM De-Authorization Tool

Gamers owning EA games that are plagued with the dreaded SecuROM digital rights management technology can now rejoice as the company has released a new set of de-authorization tools meant to help gamers manage their computers SecuROM authorizations.

Certain EA PC games with SecuROM digital rights management technology allow users to concurrently "authorize" up to five computers at the same time to play the games. Users can then play the game on any authorized computer they choose. If your EA PC game was released after May 2008 and has a machine authorization limit, you can now manage your computer authorizations using EA De-Authorization Tools!

For a list of EA games with machine authorization limits released after May 2008, click here.

If you choose to take advantage of the de-authorization too, you have two options.

EA is giving users two east ro use options for managing your authorizations:
  • Option 1: Download and install the new tools in order to scan your computer for EA's SecuROM games and find out how many computer authorizations you have (or don't have) left for each title.
  • Option 2: Cut to the chase and download the game-specific de-authorization tool you need.

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