Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is Twitter Growing Too Fast For It's Own Good?

twitter logoTwitter has seen exponential growth over the past several months but is all that growth too much and too fast? According to recent reports from ComScore Media Metrix Twitter is surging in popularity with the number of visitors to Twitter in March jumping by more than 5 million visitors, or 131%, from February.

It's not news that Twitter is popular and if you are a user like me (@Geek_News) you know why. Twitter provides a great platform to reach out to others. Whether it be tweeting business, sharing blog posts or just tweeting your day to day activities. But all this popularity and growth has come at a price.

Discover CardJust last weekend the site was hit by a round of computer worms that spread more than 10,000 spam tweets while compromising at least 190 accounts. And other such incidents have disrupted Twitter in recent months as well. Back in January the site was hit by phishers that gained control of several high profile accounts. While both incidents were handled quickly they did show that the site had gained increasing attention by hackers and cyber thieves.

Then of course there is the slew of "over capacity" pages, that have been cropping up more and more as Twitter's servers strain under the burden of volumes of traffic. When I first joined the site it was a rarity to see an over capacity page and rarely did you see the outages or issue we seem to see on a daily basis now days.

So while the growth might be a good thing for Twitter it might not be so for their users. Undoubtedly these things are just part of the growing pains any site feels and they'll be hammered out. But you have to wonder if they can keep up with the fast pace they seem to be off to.

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