Friday, April 03, 2009

Think Twitter Is For-Sale, Think Again!

A posting from TechCrunch got the web all a buzz about the possible Google Acquisition of Twitter, with several sites following the lead and jumping on the story to feed the flames.

In less than uncertain terms Twitter co-founder Biz Stone denied the rumors saying the company's plans are to remain independent.

Stone reiterated those sentiments Thursday evening when he appeared on Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Nation" television show. Restating Twitter's intention to remain independent. "We're recognizing a difference right now between profit and value. Right now, we're building value," Stone told Colbert.

Pulling back from their original posting TechCrunch has followed up now citing sources that are saying CEO Evan Williams wouldn’t sell even for $1 billion

I've gotta say it would take some brass to walk away from a billion dollar offer. Especially considering Twitter has yet to become profitable

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