Monday, April 13, 2009

More Palm Pre Release Rumors Popping Up

palm pre logoSeveral online sources have allegedly got their hands on internal Sprint memos talking about the new Palm Pre, training programs and the forbidding of vacation time to its retail store employees during the month of May. All this had led to a new crop of rumors about the phones potential late April or early May release date.

Phone News was one of the first sites to break the details of the memo. The sites states that there are two possible release windows.

The first window involves Sprint receiving retail units of the Pre around late April to early May in preparation for a preliminary May 17th launch.

The second window involves Sprint receiving the same units in the aforementioned timeframe, but depending on the unit level received for stocking and sales, the launch would then be postponed to June 29th if the initial shipments are deemed too low to begin initial sales in May.

As it stands its still all a bit speculative. Palm promised the phone would hit shelves by the end of June and I'm sure they don't want to disappoint. Pricing details are still a bit fuzzy however Gizmodo has already confirmed some of the details of Sprint's calling plans. AVGSprint Plans to offer Pre owners their "Everything" line of plans.

Individuals can choose from 450 minute ($69.99), 900 minute ($89.99) or unlimited plans ($99.99). Families can choose from 1500 minutes ($129.99), 3000 minutes ($169.99) or unlimited plans ($189.99). Business customers will also be able to pool their minutes together using about 5 different plans. They don't want people signing up for voice-only plans because they don't want people incurring extra charges they're not entirely aware of.

Either way you look at, if its May or June consumers have a lot to be excited about. We can almost be certain the Pre will be here sometime soon and Apple will likely announce a new iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference on or around June 8. Add-on reports that RIMM is planning to launch a new BlackBerry and the potential of a new Android device before summers end and we could see a plethora of great smart phones.

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