Monday, April 13, 2009

Hitachi Adds Networking Capability To New CP-X2010N 3LCD Projector

Hitachi Provides Networking Capability And Industry-Class Performance With New CP-X2010N 3LCD Projector

The CP-X2010N Offers A 5,000-Hour Hybrid Filter And Can Be Controlled And Maintained Through A LAN Network Connection

Hitachi CP-X2010N
CHULA VISTA, Calif., April 13, 2009 — Hitachi Home Electronics Inc., Business Group has introduced the CP-X2010N 3LCD projector, adding networking functionality to its successful predecessor, the CP-X2010, The CP-X2010N offers a brightness of 2,200 lumens and a new 5,000-hour hybrid filter.

The CP-X2010N projector can be controlled and maintained through a LAN network connection, providing the ability to network, control and maintain the projectors remotely. The network functionality is capable of controlling multiple projectors in different rooms as well as monitoring for functions such as remaining lamp life.

The CP-X2010N projector is also the first Hitachi model to include AMX Device Discovery. When integrating a serial or IP device that supports AMX Device Discovery, all AMX NetLinx Integrated Central Controllers will recognize the device and systematically load the appropriate communications module or driver, initializing the new device for use. The NI Controller recognizes the device and loads the appropriate module either from a library on the Controller or from AMX’s website. Device Discovery also allows for device swapping so programming changes are not required when devices are removed or replaced.

Weighing only 8.8 pounds, the CP-X2010N 3LCD projector is easy to install and transport. The CP-X2010N features 16 Watts of built-in audio, eliminating the need for external speakers, while maintaining a low noise rating of 29 dBA in Whisper Mode. The CP-X2010N also boasts a high contrast ratio of 500:1.

The CP-X2010N features a long lamp life of 3,000 hours in Standard Mode and 6,000 hours in Eco Mode. The CP-X2010N also features Hitachi’s proprietary My Buttons functionality, allowing two buttons on the projector to be programmed to execute any projector command. Additionally, the CP-X2010N also offers input Source Naming, allowing users to rename input sources to fit their needs. Closed Captioning functionality is another feature of the CP-X2010N.

Furthermore, the CP-X2010N features a Transition Detector, requiring a password to operate the projector when it is moved from a fixed position. The CP-X2010N also offers PIN Lock and MyScreen functions, along with a security bar that enables the use of a heavy chain to prevent theft.

“The Hitachi CP-X2010N 3LCD projector brings networking functionality to applications such as education and corporate environments, where the ability to monitor and manage multiple projectors is often required,” said John Glad, Product Manager, Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group.

Source: Hitachi Press Release

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