Saturday, September 12, 2009

Apple Fails To Wow At "Rock and Roll" Event

So we all know Apple made their big "Rock ‘n’ Roll" announcement and by now I'm sure you all know what that announcement contained. (if not see below) Well that was very nice and all but where was the WOW we were all expecting.

I mean don't get me wrong I love price drops, updates and new features on old products but Apple’s announcement disappointed a lot of people on many levels.

macmallNow we know that that in itself doesn’t matter much as it is Apple and they pretty much can do no wrong at this point. That and well you can bet the bank that they'll have something else hiding up their sleeve that they'll WOW us with over the next six months. In the mean time I want to know why this particular announcement was so dull and boring.

If you are going to put on a "Rock and Roll" event it should be loud, obnoxious and in your face just like rock-n-roll was meant to be. You need to hit the crowd with something dramatic, something that carries some weight, something like the rumored Apple tablet, a new Apple TV, a new iMac, a cheaper MacBook something with flair.

This announcement contained no "Rock and Roll" flair or style, it was more smooth jazz or easy listening than it was rock-n-roll.

I will digress, for now at least. I know Apple FanBoys out there loved the announcement and loved the event even if it contained very little meat and a lot of filler.

Apple's Big Announcements

Apple has posted a QuickTime stream of the event on its website. You can watch it on-demand as an MPEG-4 and catch all the details for yourself.

Apple Premieres iTunes 9

Apple today introduced iTunes 9, the latest version of the world’s most popular software application to purchase, manage and play media, packed with innovative features such as iTunes LP, Home Sharing and Genius Mixes, as well as a redesigned store and improved syncing. iTunes 9 makes it easier than ever to discover, purchase and enjoy your music, movies, TV shows, and apps for iPhone and iPod touch from Apple’s revolutionary App Store.

macmall - ipod nanoApple Introduces New iPod nano With Built-in Video Camera

The new iPod nano adds a video camera, mic and speaker to the world’s most popular music player, allowing you to shoot video wherever you are, view it on your iPod nano and use your computer to easily transfer your videos to YouTube. The new iPod nano—available today in an 8GB model for $149 and a 16GB model for $179—features an ultra-thin and sleek design with a larger 2.2-inch color display and gorgeous polished aluminum and glass enclosure in nine brilliant colors.

Apple Introduces New iPod touch Lineup

The new iPod touch, starting at just $199, gives you a great iPod, a great pocket computer, a great game player and access to Apple’s revolutionary App Store with over 75,000 applications. iPod touch features Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface, a gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen glass display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in accelerometer and speaker in an amazingly thin metal design that slips easily into your pocket.

Apple’s iPod shuffle Now Starts at Just $59

The iPod shuffle, the world’s smallest music player and the first music player to talk to you, is available now, starting at just $59, in five great colors. iPod shuffle’s intuitive controls are conveniently located on the headphone cord, letting you navigate and enjoy music without even looking. Filed under: iPod+iTunes. Read more:

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