Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ever Wanted To Redesign Google Here's Your Chance

WebMynd, designers of a Firefox and Internet Explorer add-on that augments Google's search results to include real-time Twitter updates, Wikipedia articles, YouTube videos, and results from dozens of other places has launched a contest appropriately called that invites designers from around the world to give Google a makeover.

WebMynd has posted all the details about the contest and how this theoretical redisng of Google works on its blog, but here are the basics.

Through the use of CSS RedesignGoogle lets you completely customize the look of Google Search by installing user-submitted designs from an online gallery. A stripped-down version of the WebMynd add-on applies your installed stylesheet whenever you’re on a Google search results page. (You can enable WebMynd’s other features if you like, but they’re turned off by default.) Currently, RedesignGoogle is only available for Firefox, but WebMynd says they will be releasing versions of the add-on for other browsers soon.

Anything about the Google search page that can be manipulated using CSS can be changed with RedesignGoogle. You can check out some examples of what others have created in the RedisgnGoogle gallery. There are a couple of really cool looking examples of what’s possible.
WebMynd offers a web-based CSS editor for creating and previewing your designs, or you can use any preferred tool set or editor you are comfortable with — just paste your stylesheet into the editor when you’re ready to apply it to your own searches and publish it to the Gallery.

The contest started accepting submissions Sept 20th, and will run through November 1. Then, a number of judges (which include Y Combinator’s Paul Graham and members of the WebMynd team) will pick the best designs. The winners will take home a brand new MacBook Air.

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