Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sprint Offers New $70 Unlimited Everything Plan

Sprint today announced a new calling plan featuring unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to any network, text messages, 3G data, and MMS all this is wrapped into Sprint's Everything Data $69.99/mo.

For current Sprint subscribers you'll recognize this as the former “Simply Unlimited” plan, the major difference being the unlimited mobile-to-mobile voice. The old plan offered a mere 450 minutes. Customers who already have an “Everything Data” plan will be automatically upgraded.

The new $69.99 plan includes:
  • 450 anytime minutes to be used for land-line calls or other calls not cover by the any mobile calling
  • Any Mobile, Anytime: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
  • Unlimited data: Web surfing, email, BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), GPS Navigation, Music Premier, TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
  • Unlimited Direct Connect: Direct Connect and Group Connect (for capable phones)
  • Unlimited messaging: Text, pictures and video
  • Talk: Night calling and weekends starting at 7 p.m., nationwide long distance and no roaming charges
For $89.99 you can double your anytime minutes and still include all of the above features.
From Sprint's Press Release

Sprint today launched another wireless industry innovation. Sprint is stepping past the idea of calling circles to provide Any Mobile, Anytime a new feature of Sprint Everything Data plans. With the new Any Mobile, Anytime, Sprint customers get unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the Sprint Network to ANY wireless phone on any U.S. wireless carrier network at any time.

“Simply Everything and Ready Now were Sprint innovations to make wireless simpler and more worry-free for our customers,” said Dan Hesse, Sprint’s CEO. “We don’t think our customers want to have to keep track of or only talk to friends, colleagues or family members who make the same choices they do. Any Mobile, Anytime provides unprecedented simplicity and value, so much that many more customers can now consider cutting the cord altogether.”

Any Mobile, Anytime makes it easy for individuals and families to cut the cord and save money

Starting at just $69.99*, Everything Data plans offer the best value in wireless, with the new Any Mobile, Anytime voice feature on top of all the unlimited messaging and data features customers want for one low price. Everything Data plans include unlimited text, picture and video messaging, and unlimited data services, such as e-mail, Web browsing, social networking, GPS navigation, Sprint TV, streaming music, exclusive NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile applications.

Wireless-centric families will find Everything Data Family plans with Any Mobile, Anytime especially beneficial. For example, at $42.50* per person, a family of four can get unlimited wireless for each family member. That means unlimited messaging and data, and now unlimited calling, to any of the more than 250 million wireless customers in the United States at any time, for each member of the family.

Recognizing that we are increasingly becoming a wireless world, Sprint is extending this offer to deliver what customers want: wireless freedom, for both voice and data. By offering unlimited calling to the people customers call most often other wireless users cutting the cord becomes a viable choice for more people. And it will open the door to wireless data and messaging for some people who have been concerned about the cost of these capabilities.

“The new Any Mobile, Anytime feature should be attractive to the middle market of customers, especially families with multiple lines,” said Roger Entner, senior vice president, Research and Insights, Nielsen Telecom Practice. “These are people who are likely to be cutting the cord and regularly calling other cord cutters. This is much bigger than a calling circle. Sprint is removing barriers so that customers don’t have to worry about which wireless network the people they’re calling might use and they don’t have to worry about any data constraints either.”

Sprint delivers unlimited value to new and existing customers

Customers switching from other carriers can break the artificial barriers of their previous carrier’s restrictive calling circles and experience the freedom of unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile calling just by signing up for one of the Everything Data or Everything Data Family plans.

Existing Sprint customers who currently subscribe to an Everything Data or Everything Data Family plan will automatically receive – at no extra charge – the added value of Any Mobile, Anytime starting on the first day of the their next bill cycle, with no effort required on their part. And because of the Sprint Right Plan Promise, existing customers who are on a different plan can take advantage of Any Mobile, Anytime by switching to an Everything Data plan without being required to renew or extend their existing service agreement.

Customers who sign up for these plans are included in Sprint Premier, our industry-leading loyalty program. The Premier program provides to customers great benefits, such as early upgrades, anniversary rewards, rate plan checkups and “first to know” information about the latest at Sprint.

In addition to cost savings and rewards, the Sprint Everything Data and Everything Data Family plans include the additional value of:

  • The Sprint Now Network, which provides what you want right when you want it on America’s most dependable 3G network.**
  • An award-winning lineup of cool and innovative phones, including the Palm Pre, Blackberry Tour and, coming soon, the HTC Hero.
  • Ready Now, a unique “in store” experience that helps customers set up their device and educate them on all the device can do,

And now:

  • Any Mobile, Anytime, which gives unlimited calling from the Sprint Network to ANY wireless phone on any U.S. wireless carrier network at any time.

For more information about Any Mobile, Anytime, visit

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  1. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Sprint's "unlimited" plan is somewhat misleading when you read into it farther, the unlimited talk that Hesse refers to in his new commercials it's actually restricted to mobile phones, since when is that unlimited? Unlimited plans restricted to mobile phones is fine if you're 14 but for adults & business people out there 450 minutes is hardly enough to get by. Give it a few weeks & AT&T or Verizon will be suing Sprint over this misleading plan information, the only positive is that you do get really unlimited messages & data.


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