Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gigabyte GeForce Overclocking Contest

Gigabyte is giving all you GPU overclockers out there a chance to show what you've got and how well you can OC that new rig. Starting tomorrow Gigabyte will be holding the “Beat Me If You Dare” Global Online Graphics Overclocking which runs to the end of 2009. Each round of the competition pits users of three specific GPU's, the GeForce GTX260, GeForce GTX275 and the GeForce GTX275 in SLI in a head to head battle to see who can achieve the highest over clock.

The contest will include three rounds, each round consisting of its own unique theme and each utilizing a specific GPU. In October, owners of a GeForce GTX260 are invited to compete. In November, it'll be GeForce GTX275 owners. In December contestants using two GTX275s in SLI are invited to compete.

Contestants will compete based on 3DMark Vantage P scores as well as Resident Evil 5 numbers. Gigabyte will also be doing some overclocking of its own in-house to see what sort of numbers an OEM can achieve.

The champion of each round will receive $1,500 cash. Second prize is a Gigabyte GTX295 graphics card and the third place winning will receive a Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA GTX285. As an added bonus, any contestant that beats the benchmark set by the Gigabyte team will double his/her prize.

Check out Gigabyte's contest page for the full details.

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