Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DeLorme Releases Street Atlas USA 2010 with Dynamic On-the-Go Routing Wizard

DeLorme Releases Street Atlas USA 2010 with Dynamic On-the-Go Routing Wizard

Full-featured Mapping, Routing, and GPS Navigation Software Includes over 300,000 Road Updates; Supports Netbooks and Windows 7.

DeLorme, the innovation leader in mapping and GPS technology, today announced the release of its Street Atlas USA 2010 software for travel planning, road routing, and GPS navigation.

The Street Atlas USA 2010 line includes the standard version and also Street Atlas USA 2010 PLUS, for businesses and advanced users.

New in this latest release is the E-Z Nav Wizard, a dynamic searching and routing feature that dramatically simplifies on-the-go travel planning when used in conjunction with a DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver.
Also included are more than 300,000 new and revised roads, and updated places of interest.
In addition, the PLUS version’s 120 million residential and business phone numbers for the U.S. and Canada include new and revised listings. Beyond data updates, Street Atlas USA 2010 supports netbooks and is among the early software titles that run on the new Windows 7 operating system.

Even with all the freely available online map sources, DeLorme is still enjoying robust sales of both titles. “Our customers prefer a full-featured mapping software product that is not dependent on Internet connections,” said Caleb Mason, DeLorme Vice President. “That’s especially important for people who spend a great deal of time in their vehicles for either recreation or business.”

New E-Z Nav Route Wizard

Street Atlas USA titles have long provided the proprietary DeLorme GPS Radar feature for locating and routing to upcoming restaurants, lodgings, gas stations, travel services, and attractions while navigating with an Earthmate receiver.

The new E-Z Nav route wizard significantly streamlines the process. Users choose from among common travel categories and drill down to select the location they want from an easy-to-read icon-based menu system.

For example, when searching for restaurants, users click on Food & Restaurants, which takes them to a screen with 20 different choices (e.g. barbecue, Italian, Greek, steak houses); upon selection of a category, the next screen offers nearby choices within that category sorted by distance from your GPS location. When the desired restaurant is selected, the user can see its location on the map, and create a route to follow.

In addition to Food & Restaurants, the E-Z Nav search options include Auto & Travel (gas stations, rest areas, accommodations, airports, 12 categories in all), Shopping & Recreation (entertainment, historic sites, shopping malls, retailers by specialty, nine categories in all), and Emergency & Community (hospitals, emergency services, religious institutions, schools & libraries, eight categories in all); there are two other options; for Address or Location, the user fills in the desired location (a street address or known location, e.g. stadium, theater); for My Locations, the user searches among his or her pre-established address book listings, waypoints, or recently-visited locations.

Up-to-date Detail, Netbook Support

Both Street Atlas USA 2010 titles include extensive street and road updates; this includes new construction, street and road extensions, and road name changes mandated by Emergency 9-1-1 implementation.

In addition, both titles offer support for the new generation of compact netbook PCs. This is in keeping with DeLorme’s longstanding support of new hardware platforms as they arise, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), touchscreen phones, and ultra-mobile PCs. Street Atlas USA 2010 can be downloaded to netbooks without optical drives from leading online reseller download sites.

Updated Places of Interest

Added places of interest includeAmtrak stations, subway/metro stops in numerous cities, and major college stadiums, and ATMs have been elevated to the Major POIs category. In addition, users can now import files from the POI Factory website (POI-Factory.com).

Full-Featured Mapping Software

Since it was first introduced nearly two decades ago, Street Atlas USA has been at the forefront of mapping software innovation, with numerous first-to-market advances including automatic routing with automatic back-on-track, voice-guided navigation, integrated aerial imagery, mosaic and large-format printing, MapShare for sending maps and routes to others, and much more.

Widely Available

DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2010 titles, as well as the Earthmate LT-40 laptop GPS (which includes Street Atlas USA 2010), can be found at major electronics resellers (both their retail store and online sites), as well as top Websites. They can also be purchased at www.delorme.com, or by calling DeLorme at 800-561-5105.

Source: DeLorme Press Release

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