Friday, March 07, 2008

Answering Scott Wainner's Call To Increase Longetivity Research

Scott Wainner has posted a challenge to get us all involved in demanding more research to stop the aging process. Kudos Scott, I applaud the involvement and hope everyone steps up to take the challenge.

I personally have never felt strongly one way or another about extending life. After all we all live, we all die. However reading the resources listed for the challenge did raise a few thoughts in my mind.


I sat controversial therapies such as gene mutation and stem cell research aside and headed straight for an area or two that have always been of interest to me, Nanotechnology.

There have been great breakthroughs recently with nanotechnologies such as nanotubes, nanoemulsions and nanoparticles. And I feel strongly that nanotech and nonotech research are going to be on the forefront of even greater breakthroughs in the next few years.

A recent article fromTechnology Review"A New Approach to Combatting HIV" discusses the potential of Nanoemulsion vaccines as a way to generate immunity to smallpox and HIV in mice.

Another recent article, "Wiring Up DNA", discusses the use of carbon nanotubes to rapidly screen DNA for disease-linked mutations. And promising strides have been made in using New Nano Weapons against Cancer.

The technology is out there and is showing its potential to build solutions to previously unsolved problems. With more research and greater funding the limits are boundless.

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