Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forbes: Concept Cellphones

Forbes in pictures lists some of the latest in Cool Future Phones.

Some of these cool "concept" phones are pretty wild in design, but then again the iPhone was said to be a wild idea. Concepts included are videophones, nanotechnology phones that change shape, clean itself, capture solar energy and intelligently analyze its environment. Phones powered by fuel-cell technology and a "wellness" phone which has a built in pedometer and meters that can read your pulse, body fat and even bad breath.

Most of the concepts are from Nokia, which spends nearly $4 billion annually to research and development projects. "It's a way to go from theoretical to concrete," says Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak. "We can show it to people, get feedback and start conversations." However Nowak does concede that some of the designs are a bit outrageous and may not make it to production, "None of this is on a particular roadmap, some concepts may never come to pass. But some may very well change the way we make devices in the future."

For more information read Forbes' article "Innovative Cellphones"

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