Monday, March 31, 2008

Having Vista Issues, Blame Nvidia MS Does

According to documents released from the ongoing Microsoft "Vista Capable" lawsuit 48 percent of Vista crashes where related to graphical drivers. Thirty percent of those Vista crashes were attributed to Nvidia software drivers.

While this information puts Nvidia directly in the spot light it doesn't take blame away from Microsoft, who has been accused of caving to pressure from Intel and others to lower its requirements specifically its graphics to include less-than-optimal graphics drivers. Microsoft itself was to blame for nearly 18 percent of graphical issue, while Intel and AMD were said to be responsible for 9 percent.

All this has come to via the 'Vista Capable' lawsuit. The suit claims that the labeling of computers as "Windows Vista Capable" misled consumers because many of the machines weren't powerful enough to run all of Vista's features, such as the Aero user interface.

In 2006 when Vista first made its big splash 'Vista Capable' was a huge marketing strategy. One that led many unknowing, unsuspecting consumers to buy machines they thought were powerful enough to run any version of Vista. However many of the computers touted as Vista Capable could run only the stripped-down "Home Basic" version.

What does this mean to Nvidia, probably not much, I highly doubt they will be named in any part of the lawsuit anytime soon. Nvidia PR director Derek Perez has said "These issues are a year and a half old." Noting the company took a number of steps in response to the issues, including establishing a Web site where people could report such issues and said the company made significant progress in reducing those errors.

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