Sunday, March 09, 2008

Robberson Brothers Sentenced For Piracy

Maurice and Thomas Robberson were sentenced Friday to multiyear prison terms for selling "massive" amounts of pirated software online.

The brothers have been estimated at making over a $1 million selling pirated software through their sites,, and Both men have agreed to forfeit all their proceeds from the businesses, the Department of Justice said as well as serving sentences of 3 years (Maurice) and 30 months (Thomas).

From late 2002 through October 2005, these individuals ran businesses that sold counterfeit software from companies such as Adobe Systems Inc., Autodesk Inc., and Macromedia Inc., at discount prices. These counterfeit items were manufactured by members of the conspiracy and included labels that featured trademarks and service marks of the legitimate software companies.

Two other people who conspired with Maurice Robberson to commit copyright infringement have already been sentenced, the DoJ said. Danny Ferrer, 39, was sentenced to 72 months in prison Aug. 25, 2006, for selling more than $4 million in pirated software with a retail value of nearly $20 million on Alton Lee Grooms, 56, who helped start some of the businesses and gained more than $150,000 in profit, was sentenced on Jan. 18, to one year and one day in prison, after he cooperated with the government's investigation.

For more information please read the DoJ press release

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