Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top Stories Around The Web 3/16/2008

Gold jumps 2 percent to fresh record highs
    Tokyo, Gold prices jumped more than 2 percent on Monday to hit new all-time highs as the dollar tumbled and news of the acquisition of Bear Stearns highlighted the depths of the U.S. financial market's problems.

Oil Rises to Record as Investors Buy Commodities on Dollar Drop
    Crude oil rose to a record in New York as a sliding dollar and credit market losses in the U.S. prompted investors to buy commodities.

JP Morgan Pays $2 a Share for Bear Stearns
New York Times
    In a shocking deal crafted on Sunday to save Bear Stearns, JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay a mere $2 a share to buy all of Bear — less than one-tenth the firm’s market price on Friday.

Dalai Lama Watching Tibet 'Helpless'
The Associated Press
    The Dalai Lama called Sunday for his followers to protest peacefully against Chinese rule but said he would not order them to end demonstrations that have erupted into violence in Tibet and neighboring provinces.

Troops 'did not shoot Tibetans'
BBC News
    A senior Chinese official has denied that troops used lethal force to quell protests in Tibet's main city, Lhasa.

AOL Buys Bebo for $850 Million
AOL Money and Finance
    AOL said Thursday it will pay $850 million to acquire the online hangout Bebo, giving the struggling Internet company a foothold in an expanding business.

Hackers launch massive IFrame attack
    Hackers using a new scam continue to subvert hundreds of thousands of Web pages with IFrame redirects that send unwary users to malware-spewing sites, researchers said today.

Space Station Robot Is Up and Moving
ABC News
    Robot "Mr. Dextre," as the astronauts on the space shuttle and the space station have started calling him, is doing just fine.

Web creator rejects net tracking
BBC News
    The creator of the web has said consumers need to be protected against systems which can track their activity on the internet.
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee told BBC News he would change his internet provider if it introduced such a system.

St Patrick's Day arrives early
The Guardian
    Large crowds turned out to celebrate St Patrick's Day yesterday with festivals in cities across the UK.

    London's annual parade saw bands, floats and stilt walkers make their way past some of the capital's most famous landmarks in front of tens of thousands of onlookers. There was also a festival of Irish music and dance in Trafalgar Square. St Patrick's Day officially falls today but many people decided to mark the event at the weekend.

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