Saturday, March 01, 2008

Guide To Buying Digital Converter Boxes

Looking for Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes?

If you've already gone to and applied for and received your convert box coupon that means you are now looking for places to buy your new box. As of right now your options are going to be limited to a handful of stores.

Currently only list the following four national retailers, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Radio Shack and Best Buy as participating in the program. They've got over one hundred retailers total, mostly local, you can check the list via PDF here. Here is the current list of Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes however from the looks of it you are going to be limited to a few selections from the national retailers, the local guys might carry a boarder selection.

Where to buy your Digital Converter Box?

The following products are sold in store only and I'd suggest calling ahead to check for availability.

All four stores range from $49.87-$59.99 meaning you will need to pay a small amount to receive your converter.

There is currently only one online store listed as an NTIA certified retailer and that is BSAT. They have two boxes listed, the Artec T3A for $56.99 and the CoShip 9900T for $57.99, both with free shipping.

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