Sunday, March 16, 2008

Updated Guide to Buying Digital Converter Boxes

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Looking for Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes? Hopefully the information below will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Earlier this month I wrote a brief guide to buying digital converter boxes. At the time there was, and still is, very limited information available about most of the boxes. However I did find a few links that might be helpful to anyone that is still looking to buy their DTV box.

Getting Started
The first place to start, if you haven't already is to go to and apply for your convert box coupon. TV Converter Box Coupons will be shipped on a staggered basis to accepted households. They come in a clearly marked envelope and they come in the form pf a plastic card that look like a gift card. Coupons cannot be printed or downloaded from the Program Website and are not available to pick up at retail locations.

Where To Shop?
Currently only list the following four national retailers, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Radio Shack and Best Buy as participating in the program. They also list three online retailers, and Along with those options they've got over one hundred retailers total, mostly local, you can check the list via PDF.

Which Box Can I Buy?
Here is the current list of Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes however from the looks of it you are going to be limited to a few selections from the national retailers, the local guys might carry a broader selection but it really looks like it will just be hit and miss.

Comparison of CECB units

I recently came across a great side by side comparison page on Wikipedia. The page gives a pretty good break down on most if not all the current boxes on the market. There is also a good link for more information from

Currently Available Digital Converter Box

The following products are sold in store only.

Online Shopping

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