Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vista Laptop Becomes Pwn to Own's Second Victim

A laptop running Vista Ultimate, was compromised by a previously undiscovered flaw in Adobe's Flash software making it the second victim to be hacked by Pwn to Own contestants.

Shane Macaulay and Derek Callaway of Security Objectives along with Alexander Sotirov, were able to gain control of the Fujitsu laptop using an Adobe Flash zero day vulnerability. They are the second successful team to hack a machine at the PWN to OWN contest at the CanSecWest security conference. However, since the rules had been relaxed, they only get $5,000 and the laptop of course.

Yesterday ISE security researchers Charlie Miller, Jake Honoroff, and Mark Daniel used a zero-day vulnerability in Apple's Safari 3.1 Web browser to hack the MacBook Air in just two minutes.

It looks like at the end of the last day of the contest, only the Sony VAIO laptop running Ubuntu, a popular linux distro, was left standing.

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Thats very interesting! I am amused.

    - AzizPC


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