Friday, November 07, 2008

BlackBerry Bold Free At Walmart

Just a few short days after new BlackBerry Bold from Research In Motion was released nationwide, the phone is available for free after rebates at

The BlackBerry Bold, currently exclusive to the AT&T network, hit stores on Nov. 4 and is listed on the AT&T site with a price tag of $399 with a two-year contract ($299 after $100 Mail in rebate).

Walmart, in a move that one ups AT&T, is offering the the phone at $199 on their letstalk site. And for a short time they are offering a 100% rebate on the phone with a two year contract on a service plan of $79.99 per month or more, with the addition of unlimited text messaging, and a Blackberry data plan.

That is a pretty "bold" price tag to say the least. One that is significantly higher than competitors such as the 3G iPhone at $200 and the latest T-Mobile G1 phone based on Google's Android operating system at $180.

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