Sunday, November 23, 2008

Man Attempts To Jet-Pack Over Royal Gorge

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Eric Scott of Denver will try to cross the Royal Gorge using a jet pack - and without a parachute, support wires or other safety devices.

Scott works for Denver- based Jet P.I., which developed the futuristic-looking jet pack for stunts, promotions and other events around the world. The Royal Gorge test will rank as the longest, highest flight attempt for the Go Fast Jet Pack, the company said.

According to the Jet. P.I. Site, the stunt will be performed Monday the 24th at in Canyon City, Colarado. Scott will be taking off at the Royal Gorge bridge and park and attempting to fly 1,500 across to the other side.

Here is a video posted last year of them testing the pack out over Royal Gorge

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