Thursday, November 20, 2008

Google SearchWiki, Elevate, Delete, Add, And Annotate Search Results

Google's SearchWiki has now been released to the masses. If you've been using Google search today you might have noticed the new feature that allows you to elevate (vote up), delete, add, and annotate search results.

Google remembers the changes a person made to search results, so repeat searches will show the same customizations and notes. Google has been offering SearchWiki as an experimental feature to select users for months, but starting today it will become available to anybody who's searching while logged in with a Google account.

"This is a search feature that gets a user more control over their search results," said Cedric Dupont, Google's SearchWiki product manager. "SearchWiki allows you to reorder, remove or add notes to specific web search results so that the next time you do the same search, you'll see the customized result set that you prefer."

Google has also added a social networking dimension to its engine. If a user wants to comment on a result, for instance to note that this is best site for Italian restaurants in New York, then a click brings up a text box and the comment can be typed in.

Mr Dupont said: "Comments are a great way to save and recall any thoughts you had or notes you took about a particular webpage. These are also public for others to view and get feedback on a website. We want to make this a much more interactive platform."

At the bottom of a SearchWiki results page, there is a link to a page which shows what search results others have re-ranked, deleted or added in aggregate. It also allows others in the SearchWiki community to see members' public comments on a given result, with their Google account nickname associated with their comment.

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