Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Favorite Silicon Valley Gossip Rag Shuts Down

Gawker Media has decided to shut down our favorite Silicon Valley rag, Valleywag. Valleywag won't entirely disappear, editor Owen Thomas will have his job folded into a single column on the site.

Owen may have shot himself in the foot with one of his off handed remarks , or maybe he just saw the light at the end of the tunnel when he posted his comment "I would soon be writing Valleywag as a column for Gizmodo or Gawker, whichever will take me."

I was initially introduced to Valleywag back in the Mahalo days, when I was checking out their love hate relationship with Jason Calacanis. When I found them they seemed to share many of my sentiments about JC, which really drew me in. Then I became hooked on the off handed, even spiteful posts.


Thanks to Valleywag's Paul Boutin more details about the Valleywag being blended into Gawker have emerged. Paul posts "What just happened at Valleywag? The FAQ." Thanks for the clarification Paul.

Most of the details are unimportant but the major one that is is that the URL will still work, Valleywag's RSS feed will still work. And no readers will not have to go to to read Valleywag stories.

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