Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ASUS Adding Phoenix Technologies' HyperSpace

Phoenix Technologies, the leader in PC 3.0 products, services and embedded technologies, has announced a partnership with ASUS to accelerate the adoption of its award-winning HyperSpace product by consumers worldwide. HyperSpace is a revolutionary new instant-on and always-connected application environment that makes operating a mobile PC as easy and efficient as operating a cell phone.

Based on the partnership agreement, ASUS will incorporate HyperSpace into its next generation notebooks. With HyperSpace-installed notebooks, users can instantly launch important web-based applications (before Windows ever boots), automatically connect to the best available network, dramatically extend battery life and achieve new levels of uptime and security protection. HyperSpace is available for download at

"Phoenix is pleased to be working with ASUS to offer a broad choice of affordable products that are revolutionizing the mobile PC user experience," said Woody Hobbs, president and CEO of Phoenix Technologies. "With HyperSpace, we ensure users will enjoy a dynamic online experience seconds after turning on their PCs. And once Windows has fully booted, users will be able to quickly and easily toggle back and forth between their Windows applications and the instant-on, always-available HyperSpace environment. An added benefit is that HyperSpace extends the battery life on an average notebook by more than 25%."

Mr. Hobbs added, "All-day mobile computing is a cornerstone of our PC 3.0(TM) promise to simplify the PC end user experience and transform PCs into more user-friendly, fun, versatile and effective systems."

"As the fastest growing notebook brand, we are committed to bringing to market innovative technology solutions that simplify consumers' lives; we are glad to see Phoenix's PC 3.0 vision is in line with our commitment to our customers. HyperSpace's easy-to-use, smart, instant-on and longer battery life features will allow ASUS to deliver richer, more dynamic products and satisfy our customers' desire to make mobility a far more elegant and intuitive experience," said Henry Yeh, General Manager, ASUS Notebook Business Unit.

Phoenix HyperSpace was named "Best Software" by Laptop Magazine at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). HyperSpace is also the winner of Laptop Magazine's 2009 CES Readers' Choice Award. For more information about HyperSpace, please visit

Source: Phoenix Technologies Press Release

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