Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The House Blocks DTV Delay

The House of Representatives blocked the delay of the DTV transition this afternoon when the bill, dubbed the DTV Delay Act, failed by a narrow margin to receive a two-thirds majority, as required by bills placed on the suspension calendar.

Members voted 258 to 168 to pass the bill, leaving it some 13 votes shy of the majority needed. Only 22 Republicans voted for the bill, while 155 voted against it. Among House Democrats, 236 voted for the bill and just 13 voted against it.

This more than likely doesn't signal the end of the debate over the DTV delay as Democrats may try again next week, but this time in a way that would possibly permit amendments and require a simple majority to pass. Given the numbers shown today it is likely it would pass if brought up under a majority vote.

As I mentioned previously I don't feel there is a need for a delay. Consumers have had years to prepare for the switch. Delaying by a few months is going to do little to motivate those that have been dragging their feet. Hosting & Servers

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