Sunday, January 18, 2009

Follow-Up: Circuit City Liquidation Sale

circuit city logoFollowing yesterday's post Circuit City Liquidation Sale, I was contacted by a Circuit City employee wishing to provides us with a little feedback on the ongoing liquidation sale as well as clarify a few details from that post.

According to the employee, that wishes to remain anonymous, the shelves at Circuit City store might look bare, however this was not due to items being sold out rather because they had not been receiving new stock for several weeks (possibly even months).

I don't know about other stores but at our store [location not disclosed] we haven't re-stocked shelves in a long time. Before the sale hit there were sections of the store that looked empty. In my dept. [cameras & accessories] we had plenty of stuff left because no one was coming in and buying anything before the sale but I saw other parts of the store with empty shelves.

When asked about rumors that the liquidators, Great American Group LLC, Hudson Capital Partners LLC, SB Capital Group LLC and Tiger Capital Group LLC, had been raising prices on popular items anonymous responded:

I don't know about that, prices in my section looked the same. But prices tags on alot of items were gone. So you really wouldn't know what the original price was unless you looked it up. I guess they might have, but if they did we wouldn't be able to tell.
Yesterday during my visit I had noticed that several of the large ticket items I looked at didn't have prices. I also noticed that items displayed on a clearance table didn't have price tags. So customers were stuck trying to find someone that could access the computer system to verify the price of items before taking them to checkout. Removing the price tags means the liquidators could use the computer system and change prices at will and without customers knowledge.

As for customers buying items that were over priced it was noted:

People just pay whatever, I don't think they care. Its like they think they got a good deal so they are happy. I sold a guy a camera with a 10% discount and he thought it was the best deal ever. I mean I kind of felt like telling him he was an idiot cause we had that same camera around New Yrs. I think for way less.

As a final note I was asked to tell potential customers to keep in mind that the CSRs are working as hard as they can at a job they will only have for a short amount of time. They aren't responsible for there being a long line, a wait or there not being enough staff.

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