Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inventors Enter The Popular Science Invention Awards

Homebrewed inventors wanted to enter the third annual PopSci Invention Awards. PopSci editors are looking for the best garage built, basement designed invetions you can come up with. They will pick 10 inventions that best represent the spirit of homegrown ingenuity and solve real-world problems in a practical and innovative way. And feature them in there June 2009 issue.

Here are a few guidelines for you closest designers and engineers to follow:
  • Inventions must be physical objects—no processes or concepts.
  • There must be a working prototype or something else that demonstrates that the invention actually works.
  • Inventions must be the work of independent inventors or small teams; outside funding is fine, but inventions created wholly out of universities or other R&D labs will not be considered.
  • Inventions that are intended to become commercial products in the future are acceptable, but they must not already be available for sale.
  • Inventions must be something new, not just an incremental improvement on an existing item.
  • PopSci will not publish an entry online or in print without notifying the inventor first, but we will seek third-party verification of the technology and significance of the invention. All intellectual-property protection is the responsibility of the entrant.
  • All entries must be received by Feb 1, 2009.
  • Send a brief description of your invention to inventions@popsci.com.
For more information checkout PopSci.com and click here to checkout some of last year's winners.

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