Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beware Of The Mythical Plasma TV Recharge

The Consumerist is reporting Sears employees actually tried to sell a customer a service plan which featured of all things a "plasma TV recharge."

According to the post a Sears representative contacted "Anthony" regarding the decision to purchase a Plasma TV instead of an LCD. The representative the proceeded to tell Anthony, "Plasma TV's needed to be recharged every 5 years for a cost of $500 or so," trying to sell him a 3 year $300 protection plan that the representative said would cover this service.

Now obviously there is no such thing as a plasma recharge, plasma TVs are sealed units that do not need to be recharged. Even if there was such a thing the 3 year plan would expire long before the 5 year recharging date anyway.

In writing this I did a quick Google Search and found this is not an isolated incident. Looking through some of the hits I found several people referring to sales people at both Sears and Best Buy and attempts at up selling either to higher priced LCD TVs or up selling protection plans for this mythical plasma recharge.


  1. This is something I can expect from Best Buy, but not from Sears. I used to work there and reading this makes me sad :(

    Anyway, if this were true, it would be just another reason to buy a LCD Tv. A bit pricey, but probably a better option.

  2. I'm really not surprised Sears would pull something like this. I'm not even really certain it was Sears and not a third party company. I don't know for sure who handles their protection plans these days since I haven't had any dealings with them lately.

    I know in the past they pulled some pretty shady stunts, at least some of the techs I know did.


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