Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will An Asus & Gigabyte Overstock Mean Lower Motherboard Prices?

According to DigiTimes Asustek and Gigabyte suffer an overstock of 4-series-based motherboards which are rapidly depreciating in value as Intel moves ahead with its next-generation chipset series.

DigiTimes sources say shipments of 4-series products have been low due to declining market demand and competition from low-cost PCs, leaving the two motherboard manufacturers holding inventory equivalent to around NT$10 billion (US$300+ million) in value.

once you know, you newegg
Motherboard makers are hoping Intel will delay its two new processors slated for '09 the entry level and performance mainstream market minded Lynnfield and Havendale series as well as delaying a switch over to the 5-series chipsets to allow them time to clear inventories.

According to the report Intel is still planning to follow its original schedule and will drop prices and production bringing the 4-series products into the entry-level market by the second quarter. Meaning there will be no relief or leeway for the companies to move their overstocks. This could mean that in an attempt at moving their overstocked inventories we'll see price cuts on many popular 4-series motherboards from several of the top manufactures.

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