Thursday, January 29, 2009

Use Your iPhone To Play Videos On Your TV With showTIME

Have you ever wanted to use your iPhone to show videos to your friends but wanted a larger format for better viewing, or maybe you'd like to download that recent episode of Lost and watch it from your TV. Scosche Industries, a leading innovator of mobile electronic products and accessories for the aftermarket, has a product that might be right for you.

showTIME is an AV cable with a doc connector on one end to connect to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod nano and the other end is RCA barrels that connect into an RCA audio / video input.

The $40 cable supports ipod touch (Gen 2), ipod nano (Gen 4), iPhone 3G, iPod touch, iPod nano (Gen3), iPod classic, iPhone, and iPod with video and according to Scosche works without signal loss. Providing a clear clean video directly on any TV

You can order directly from Scosche or I found the cables at Wal-mart for $30. Reviews are a little mixed, so far there aren't many but the few I found suggest that video quality is less than stellar. Using both HD videos and an HD TV might help improve quality.

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