Tuesday, January 06, 2009

GPS Tracking, Phone Snooping And Sex Tests?

Has it really come this far, has a parents trust in their own kids fallen to the point that we need these types of products? Apparently so and those are only some of the products I've seen that made me scratch my head in wonder.

According to a recent article published by the Seattle Children's Research Institute, 54% of teens frequently discuss high-risk activities including sexual behavior, substance abuse or violence using MySpace. The study found that 54 percent of the MySpace profiles contained high-risk behavior information, with 41 percent referencing substance abuse, 24 percent referencing sexual behavior and 14 percent referencing violence.

So its no wonder that sites like Brickhouse Security exist. The site specializes in GPS tracking, teen tracking and other security/safety surveillance gear that could be used to spy on your kids, spouse or employees. But should they? My mom wasn't an idiot, she knew we were kids and kids will get into trouble. But she also knew she raised us well enough that we knew better than to get into anything too serious. So its hard for me to imagine using some of these devices to spy on my children (if I had them).

I was pretty shocked to see some of the devices Brickhouse Security featured and wondered if parents are really using these things against their kids. Some of these devices, while invasive aren't that bad, like the Cell Phone Spy, which allows you to recover deleted text message and data, or the PS/2 Mini Key Logger, which is used to record key strokes. But I have to say the, Drug Tests and Sex Tests and the Semen Spy CSI Edition are just a little over the top for me.

So my question stands, do you parents out there actually use these things? How about married people, would you use something like a GPS tracking device on your spouse? Obviously GPS tracking can be used for not so devious purposes such as tracking a vehicle in case its stolen or tracking your toddlers. But its the shady side I'm curious about. Should you really put a Covert GPS Tracking Pen in your kids backpack, or your husband's briefcase?

To me I think if you are already at the point of not trusting someone then its too late.

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